VIDEO: Reptar, 'Rainbounce'

Music made with a chemistry set. It's the only way to properly describe Reptar's deranged new track, 'Rainbounce'.

Most music that's amalgamated is derivative - bits just thrown together in the hope that it all sounds like something we've heard before, like Girl Talk or LMFAO. It's familiar, but exotic enough to be safely weird.

However, there's nothing recognisable about 'Rainbounce'. At best, it's a Numan synth line, MGMT aesthete, and Jack White humping Anthony Kiedis vocals, all stewed in Gorillaz stock. And somehow it works, though it's heavy on the synesthesia.

Reptar - Rainbounce from Lucky Number Music on Vimeo.

By Jim Morrow

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