NEW: Termites

I'm not sure what Termites set-out to do with their self-titled release from Sink and Stove Records. But whatever they're doing, they must keep at it.

Termites are strangely familiar. Their riffs and hooks are nostalgic, recalling the best work of a whole lot of other bands. Though, it doesn't matter if their vocals have a Gaz Coombes quality. Nor that they probably  conspired with XTC to make plans for Nigel. Or even that they're possibly a product of a lab in Blur's Chemical World. Their sound is so well put-together and expansive that it makes-for a pristine, fuzz-filled, sing-along work of art.

Their music is littered with playful composition, sudden shifts, stops, cut-outs, and swells. And their pace is frantic, keeping the listener fist-pumping and bopping whilst the Termites push-on to a far-off sonic place.

By Jim Morrow

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